Welcome to Phase 2 - Physically Fit & Spiritually Fed

I am so excited to welcome you to phase 2 of our 6 month journey!

This journey will change your relationship with food and your body for the rest of your life!

Physically Fit & Spiritually Fed™ is not a diet, rather a structured system that breaks down and teaches you how to achieve your desired relationship with your body and food permanently and keep it. 

You will learn to develop a healthy relationship around food and your body based around self love and acceptance in this results based program.

You will get the tools needed to end debilitating patterns of anxiety and worry around your body and the food you eat for good. And understand on a spiritual level the deeper void you've been trying to fill with food. 

You will learn to identify and deconstruct through hunger signals the difference of emotional and physical hunger and how to fill the inner void emotional hunger brings on. You will understand on a deeper level if hunger isn’t the problem - food isn’t the solution.

You will release judgment around yourself and your relationship with food. You will deepen your self love in turn, strengthening love in all areas of your life. There will be complete comprehension through this work that ALL love starts with self love.

If you have desired weight to lose it will naturally be released.

If you have mental weight to lose in the form of negative thought patterns around your relationship with your body and or food they will be released as well.

You will experience a profound shift in perspective around your physical appearance and the food you eat. And you will fully claim your power and agency over your ability to change inside and out!

Get ready to address and clear the inner void that you’ve been trying to fill with food!

Get ready to understand a new level of self love that will be your portal to a new level of self confidence. When you learn to eat differently your body changes when you learn to think differently your LIFE changes.

One crucial thing to keep in mind as we start this program.. If you think you already know if you must be humble enough to relearn it. This program WORKS! And is layed out step by step for a reason. If you skip any steps you will not give yourself the opportunity to have the full success that you deserve! 

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